City wide energy supply strategy development for 2050 targets

Auftraggeber: IBC Energie Wasser Chur, Schweiz

Energie-Planer: Elimes

Standort: Stadt Chur (38'057Einwohner, 3'168'360 m2 Energiebezugsfläche), modelliert als 1 Energiedrehscheibe

Keywords: district heating, energy masterplan, future energy price scenarios, 2050 targets


IBC Energie Wasser Chur wanted to implement technologies and renewable energy sources into the energy system supplied to the city of Chur.
The primary objective was to conduct a direct cost-emissions analysis of energy systems, and secondarily, to facilitate the early-stage, large-scale quantification of both the investment needed and the specific types of investments required to transition towards a net-zero energy system.

In 2020, they collaborated with Sympheny on a strategy for this future development. After modeling three scenarios, our algorithm optimized technologies to meet energy demand at optimal costs and CO2 emissions. Five solutions on the pareto front were evaluated for each scenario, showing a trade-off between annual costs and CO2 emissions, with potential for a cost-effective transition to a CO2-free energy supply by 2035 through increased efficiency, reduced technology costs, and adjusted tariff structures.

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